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Piano technician

As a college student, I became aware that pianists are just about the only musicians who know so little about their instrument. Instrumentalists are trained to tune their instruments, restring, and even make reeds; vocalists learn the anatomy of their instrument; and then there are pianists. In 2020, I decided to pursue piano technology training in order 1) to know more about my instrument, and 2) to learn to engage more as a performer. (A published article about this journey can be found here.)


Currently an apprentice in the field, I am working towards my Registered Piano Technicians (RPT) credential. For the past four years, I have been tuning & servicing pianos for customers including various houses of worship, Steinway Gallery (Birmingham, AL) and numerous individuals, as my schedule allows. Should I be able to tune or service your instrument(s) for you or your institution/business/organization, please feel free to contact me using the contact page.

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