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Songs of Hope: Unveiling Darkness

This project examines four areas of social injustice: human trafficking, undocumented immigrants, marginalized youth, and refugees. After collecting four stories from each category, composers were commissioned to set the poetic texts to music. Events include music and local/regional organizations working to better our communities. More information can be found at the Songs of Hope website.


The Physical TheraPianist

Since 2020, Dr. Terry has worked with two physical therapists & an orthopedic surgeon to develop a novel collegiate piano curriculum which helps to prevent injuries at the instrument. In Fall, 2022, they launched the initial phase of their curriculum to a cohort of graduate piano students at Samford University. Their research and curriculum development has been accepted for national &  international presentations and, in 2021, was awarded the "Education Innovator Award" by the Physical Therapy Learning Institute. This short article gives one example of how this interdisciplinary collaboration has enhanced student learning. Additionally, during Dr. Terry's recent training, he had the opportunity to participate in a Physician Assistant course, which he has applied towards teaching musicians about PRMDs. If you or your program is interested in acquiring The Physical TheraPianist curriculum, please reach out via the Contact form.


Broken Harmony: Reconstructing Art

To commemorate the centenary of World War I, Jason sought out visual artists & animators Jessica Benjamin & Alfonso Gosàlbez. Together, along with soprano Angela Yoon, they created a multi-media event that examines the effect the Great War had on the arts. Composers'

 works from the decade before and after the war are performed live alongside silent film--another homage to the period--created specifically for each piece. One piece showcased, Kurt Weill's Die Stille Stadt, premiered by the composer himself, had not been performed live since then. The Kurt Weill Foundation, however, shared the manuscript with Jason who edited the work and "re-premiered" it again in 2019.

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One Last Encore:
Celebrated Pianists & Their Final Performances

This original research examines the final performances of c. 60 keyboardists and the context surrounding the event. The list spans the Classical era through modern day. This research has been shared at a variety of conferences and academic gatherings, including the World Piano Conference, Alabama Music Teachers Association conference, and a College Music Society conference. Currently a working monograph, the plan is to seek publication eventually.

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A History of the Plagal-Amen Cadence

This dissertation was completed in 2016 and was the first of its kind to examine how and why the plagal cadence became "married" to the "Amen" text in sacred music. This research has been accepted for presentation at venues and conferences around the world including, Oxford University, University of Toronto, Indiana University, and the Royal Music Association, among others. To find out more information, you may download the document.

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